ISAO TOMODA – 友田 いさお


8 Feb 1944 – 6 March 2020
Born in Oita, Japan

About the artworks

The paintings of Isao Tomoda give the impression to resurge from a long, inner ,
special to the artist himself,
His art is landscape in his heart all of his alive
that will be impressive at the same time shared by all of us.

His voice seems to have been developed from an existential experience.

With paint on canvas,
layer upon layer and with several techniques
He tells us about human experiences like loneliness,
openness. and open your mind.

hope and beauty.
His works is subtle, color and restrained
– often in a richly varied grey tone.

Or from a review
“This is art where human is still spelled ”beautiful”
and where extreme simplicity could have monumental qualities
and offer immense beauty”.